Motivational Speaking


Kerry uses his years of experience in health and fitness and lessons learned from his tragic accident as background and to help motivate and inspire himself and others to never give up.  Let’s work together to find what motivates so you may use it to fuel the inferno of accomplishments waiting to erupt.

Life-Changing Experience

On February 5, 1994 while competing in a World Championship qualifying gymnastics competition, I had a devastating fall from the parallel bars that left me paralyzed from the neck down.  The prognosis was that I may never walk again.  If by chance I did walk again, I would be deficient in some way. After undergoing surgery to have my neck totally reconstructed with 3 titanium plates, 6 screws, and a titanium coil disc, I chose to block out all negative thoughts and go to work.  I knew that healing went beyond the doctors’ power and God would have to intervene if I were to make a full recovery.  As I made my journey back to health, my path was lined with hurdles along the way.  As I overcame hurdle after hurdle, my Father started saying he is like the “Bionic Man.”  The doctors and nurses agreed and it stuck. I changed the “C” to a “K” to personalize it for Kerry.

Education and Professional Experience

Kerry D. Huston attended the University of Minnesota and University of Houston where he earned a degree in Marketing.  Kerry has fitness certifications from The National Strength and Conditioning Association (N.S.C.A.) and Ironman University. Kerry is also a former world class gymnast and is the owner and President of Bionik Enterprises LLC.

Kerry is currently accepting speaking engagements.  Please contact Kerry at or 281-772-8727.