“Be Bionik” is a reminder that we can overcome any adversity, and nothing will keep us from achieving our goals. The path to total health and fitness has many hurdles along the way. Jump over them, knock them down, go through them, but don’t let them stop you.

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Bionik friends this is going to be the summer of taking on challenges and conquering goals. I am here to coach you to personal greatness. I’ll see you at Bionik Boot Camp. Dates to TBA

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7 months ago

Bionik Fitness & Human Performance

The most important part of fitness is motion. Don’t forget to move. #flow #trainwithform #bodycontrol #bebionik

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Working on that power. Put down the club and pick up the kettle bell. #bebionik #sportsspecific #golfstrengthandconditioning

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Pro golfers do a lot more than take swings in preparation for game day. Marlene is doing walking lunges with a 10 lb kettle bed inverted overhead. This takes stability, core strength, and balance. Good job Marlene. #trainwithform #bebionik #sportsspecific

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